Letter From the Build Team

Dear Editor,

We believe it’s the community that makes Crested Butte a magical place. We want this community and local population to thrive. We know that the locals cannot thrive if they cannot afford a place to live. The Corner at Brush Creek proposal offers an affordable neighborhood for locals, close to town. This proposal will make a significant impact on the current housing crisis.

The 2016 Gunnison Valley Housing Needs Assessment has identified an urgent need for workforce housing in the Valley.  The Corner at Brush Creek proposal is a response to these needs. It provides diversity in unit type and income targeting, effectively makes use of available land, provides transportation options and reduces commuter trips between the south and north ends of the Valley.

Gatesco is a property management company that provides workforce housing rental units. Owner, Gary Gates still owns and manages the first rental property that he purchased 30 years ago.  His commitment to his properties is long-term.  For The Corner at Brush Creek, that means a commitment to construction investments that may not be realized for 30+ years such as renewable energy sources, highly energy efficient construction methods, high quality and low maintenance construction materials and site design that may be more costly up front, but will provide financial, social and environmental sustainability long-term.  Having Gatesco, a private entity, fund a development of this nature without public money, is a unique opportunity.

Gatesco has put together a strong all-local design team. We understand this Valley and are committed to helping our community thrive. We are not a mainstream apartment complex development team. We are costume wearing, snow dancing, and nature loving funky locals. We have obtained input from several entities in the Valley and we want to hear from you!  Contact us at: info@thecorneratbrushcreek.com .



Andrew Hadley, AHA Architect
Margaret Loperfido, Sprout Studio
August Hasz, REG
Dodson Harper, REG
Jerry Burgess, SGM
Tyler Harpel, SGM
Chris Klein, Christopher Klein Construction
Doug Kroft, Red Lady Realty
Kendall Burgemeister, Law of the Rockies
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