Creativity Blooms in Crested Butte

The Crested Butte Creative District is one of the most imaginative square miles in Colorado. While its challenges aren’t odd for a ski town,¬†local support for the arts is at a higher¬†level.

Imagine a battered, nearly vacant mining town as a canvas. Add a fledgling ski resort and 2 million acres of surrounding public land. Let your imagination run wild.

The shuttle buses would be handpainted, of course, and there’d be a fancy restaurant in an old miner’s shack in an unpaved alley. There’d be cabins clad in license plates and all sorts of old bric-a-brac and planters overflowing with flowers in the middle of the street. Friendly dogs would be tied up everywhere, and the bike racks packed with cruisers, many of them unlocked.

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